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Stranger Things season 5 isn't bringing one fan-favorite character back

No more Surfer Boy Pizza adventures in the new season, apparently

Stranger Things season 4 - Surfer Boy Pizza group
Image credit: Netflix

In spite of how big Stranger Things season 5 seems to be going, one big fan-favorite actor from the fourth season of the hit Netflix series won't be back.

As cool as Eddie Munson was, another standout character in Stranger Things season 4 was Eduardo Franco's Argyle, who added a different type of comedy to the ensemble whenever he was on screen. Now, chatting on the Steve Varley Show on YouTube, the actor confirmed he won't be back for the final season. We recommend watching the whole interview, but here's the full quote: "It's nice to hear that there's some concern, you know what I mean... But yeah, I never got a phone call, so yeah, I think that's it. You feel me?"

The likely disappointing news arrives after the official announcement on January 8 that production on season 5 of the show had finally started alongside a big cast reunion photo. The most devoted fans quickly noticed Franco wasn't included and started wondering if he was a part of the roster at all. Now, we've received seeming confirmation from the man himself.

Argyle was one of the most likable secondary characters the series has had over its (to date) four-season run, but it's not hard to see why the Duffer Brothers might've dropped him. His role was never that large, and he always seemed like more of a 'one-and-done' kind of character, even if he didn't bite the dust. With a final season as busy and crowded as the fifth one, it makes sense to have some restraint and focus squarely on the main Hawkins team as well as those secondary characters who still need to wrap their respective arcs up.

The length of the production and all the post-production and editing work that needs to be done will determine whether Stranger Things season 5 can still drop around summer 2025 or land closer to Christmas next year. At worst, it could slip into early 2026, but we're pretty sure that's a scenario Netflix wants to avoid at all costs.

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