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Strangers in Paradise's Terry Moore says Twitter / X is censoring his artwork

It could hang in a museum, but it can't hang on Twitter/X apparently

Strangers in Paradise
Image credit: Terry Moore

Who decides what you are allowed to see on the internet? According to artist/writer Terry Moore, the social platform X (formerly known as Twitter) has been censoring his artwork on the platform for the past year.

"It has shut me down all year on this site," writes Moore. "People I used to chat with all the time have been telling me they haven't seen me in their feed all year. Very frustrating."

While Moore hasn't said if specific posts have been removed complete, he has shared examples where posts containing his art depicting women in the nude have been targeted by X/Twitter for "sensitive content" and have begun restricting how it can be viewed/reshared.

Here is an example of one of the Twitter/X art posts Moore said is being restricted.

"I appealed the warning and gave my reason as: 'This is a work of art that could hang in a public gallery. It is not porn,'" Moore explains. "Even if it was porn you would think a site that rebranded itself as X would tolerate it."

The image in question shows one of his characters from Strangers in Paradise topless - but not in a sexual pose. Similar scenes are regularly shown in museums and artbooks (even art textbooks) that don't routinely carry such warnings.

Moore says he has reached out to X/Twitter repeatedly to rectify the situation, but he says previous requests over the past year have gone unanswered.

"I'll remove all these posts about X censorship in a couple of hours. There's no point in leaving them up bc I'm not going to win, I'm arguing with a computer," Moore says. "This is sort of what all those Twilight Zone stories were about: Silly human, the machine doesn't care."

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