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The best streaming deals for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more

Here's how to get more for less, with the best streaming prices for Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and more.

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Whether you watch on your phone, your laptop, your tablet, or desktop, or an actual television, streaming is the future of filmed entertainment. From early pioneers like Netflix to the studios who swarmed in late looking to set up their own shops, streaming is a vast and complicated effort - especially when its late at night and you just want to find something to watch.

So with that in mind, we're collecting the best streaming deals so you can pick the platforms that are right for you - or do what I do, and rotate them in and out like the changing of seasons.

The best Netflix price right now

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When you're thinking about streaming TV and movies, Netflix is the top of the heap. With a host of original TV shows and movies, along with some of the biggest movies & TV shows around, for many people it's the first streamer they think of, and the last they'll choose to leave if they're cutting back.

Currently, the best deal for Netflix is the company's own $6.99/month 'Standard with ads' tier. However, some mobile phone services include the service as part of their bundle. Most of T-Mobile's Go5G plans include that $6.99/month 'Standard with ads' plan for no cost. Verizon also has deals on Netflix for its subscribers.

The best Amazon Prime Video deals

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Amazon Prime Video is a good deal - especially if you buy it as part of Amazon's larger prime membership with includes free shipping on most items ordered through Amazon, as well as free digital books and comics.

Amazon currently offers a Prime Video 30-day free trial before getting into the standard $14.99/month plan (or $139/year).

Amazon Prime Video also offers deep discounts for some individuals who might be strapped for cash, including a $7.49/month deal for qualifying students, and a $6.99 Amazon Prime Video deal for qualifying EBT and governmental assistance users.

When you wish for a Disney+ deal

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Disney+ is like Disney World but for TV and movies, with several themed lands for Star Wars, Marvel, Disney Classics, and National Geographic. The basic Disney+ plan is the $7.99/mo. with ads plan. Sometimes, there are Disney+ deals on Black Friday and Disney Day, but currently $7.99 is the best you can get.

However, since Disney also owns/operates the Hulu and ESPN+ streaming services, it offers various bundles for two or three of those that could be for you - especially for sports fans when your team's in season.

Get Max deals for the min price

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Whether you call it Max or by its maiden name HBO Max, Warner Bros. Discovery's streaming service has certainly carved a niche for itself. From the landmark series Succession to the Game of Thrones franchise, and on to critical hits like Barry - and oh yeah, all those DC movies & TV shows - Max has something for almost everyone.

Currently, the best Max price right now is its basic ad-supported tier of $9.99/month. You can pay $6 more to skip the ads, or a full $10 more for an 'ultimate ad-free' experience. From time to time (such as on Black Friday), Max deals do appear, but currently this is the best they offer.

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