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What does the actors and writers strikes mean for New York Comic Con, MCM, and other ReedPop shows?

The organizers of NYCC, MCM, C2E2, ECCC, and Florida Supercon hint at what things will be like during the actors' and writers' strike

Netflix's Wednesday cast at New York Comic Con 2022
Image credit: Getty Images/ReedPop

Editor's note: Popverse is a division of ReedPop - a multimedia company known for its comic conventions including New York Comic Con, Emerald City Comic Con, and C2E2.

As the possibility of a workers strike among U.S. actors and writers began to percolate in the minds of fans, so did the ensuing thoughts of how it would affect those talented individuals and their appearances at various comic conventions throughout the possible strike. After the writers strike and then the actors strike went into effect, those concerns became straight up questions.

Popverse, as part of the ReedPop family, is sister companies with popular comic conventions such as New York Comic Con, MCM Comic Con, C2E2, Emerald City Comic Con, and Florida Supercon. As part of that, Popverse films (and in some cases) livestreams the major panels from those events. So of course, we had questions about what to expect at conventions as well.

And our co-workers over in ReedPop's events division have an response.

"Our celebrity guests will still be appearing at New York Comic Con, MCM London Comic Con, and MCM Birmingham Comic Con," reads the ReedPop events statement. "What may be affected is what they’re able to discuss during our panels, as SAG-AFTRA does restrict their members from participating in the promotion of their work. They may not be able to talk about past, current, or upcoming projects, but they’ll be able to talk about their backgrounds, hobbies, and work outside of their film/tv careers. It just means we’ll have to get a little creative in the questions that are asked during the panel 😉"

On Popverse's end, we'll also be working towards that. It helps that among our staff we have active members of the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) and the Writer's Guild of America (WGA).

Other conventions such as LA Comic Con and Fan Expo have also clarified how they are moving forward during the strikes.

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