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Stuart Little 1 and 2 are leaving Netflix at the end of the month

Want to go on adventures with a mouse? The time is now

Stuart Little on a boat
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The Stuart Little movies are adorable. Yes, they're weird, and yes, they have a very different vibe from E.B. White's classic children's novel. But they're a really fun time, especially if you've got little ones in your family. I mean, who wouldn't want to go on adventures with a mouse?

But if you want to give these movies a watch and Netflix is your streaming service of choice, you should get to your watch party soon. Both Stuart Little and Stuart Little 2 are leaving Netflix on November 30.

If you need more reasons to dive into these movies beyond the fact that they're weird and good, consider the amazing cast of Michael J. Fox, Geena Davis, Hugh Laurie, and... Nathan Lane as a cat? Can you really get any better than that?

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Tiffany Babb

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