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Ben Moser is making gaming dice - with a mechanical engineer's flair

You haven't seen dice like Summit Dice's

Summit Dice booth at Emerald City Comic Con
Image credit: Popverse

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You may have seen metal dice before, but you probably haven't seen dice like the ones displayed at Summit Dice's table at Emerald City Comic Con 2024.

Ben Moser, alongside his wife Rachel Brace, run Summit Dice, which sells unique metal cast dice made using the same processes used to make fine jewelry. Moser, a mechanical engineer by trade, "wanted to do something a little different in the world of dice." He uses a mechanical engineering design program, which lets him make complicated designs all the while maintaining the balance that you need in a die.

Photographs of dice
Image credit: Popverse

All of the numbers on Moser's dice are cast into the die, which means that a 20 would be heaver than a 1. However, to make sure that the die is balanced, Moser adds small bits of geometry inside of each die as counterweights.

Moser's dice are mostly cast in brass and bronze, though sometimes he also casts in sterling silver, and - during one memorable occasion - in solid gold for a wedding proposal (each side of the custom D20 had 20 on it).

You can visit Rachel and Ben at Emerald City Comic Con's show floor at booth 10641.

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