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Enter the no-holds-barred world of video game nostalgia in Super Trash Clash

Take a look at the new graphic novel from award-winning Mexican cartoonist Edgar Camacho in this exclusive preview

Super Trash Clash
Image credit: Top Shelf Comics

Sometimes, it takes years to figure out what’s important in life — a message at the heart of the upcoming graphic novel Super Trash Clash, headed to stores next week. Popverse readers can get a sneak peek ahead of its release, showing just how dangerous a video game grudge match can get in the hands of two skilled players.

Created by Edgar Camacho — an award-winning creator in his native Mexico best known for his webcomic series Tiras sin Sentido (roughly translated, “Senseless Strips”) — Super Trash Clash is a touching, funny story about the childhood memories of Dul, a girl who got the wrong video game for her birthday one year, and what it meant to her. It’s a simple premise but one that acts as the gateway to a really heartfelt book that’s part-nostalgia for the lack of complications that comes from being a kid, and part-love letter to video games and game culture of a certain era.

The 96-page book is released by Top Shelf Productions November 29 — in a special 7” square format, to boot — but ahead of its in-store date, Popverse has an exclusive preview for you to get excited about, featuring an arcade showdown that shows off Camacho’s skills pretty sharply. Read below.

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