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The first Superman: Legacy cast photo is here (but unfortunately not in their costumes!)

Director James Gunn shared a post-table read photo to his Instagram

Image credit: James Gunn, Instagram

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The first cast photo of Superman: Legacy is officially out, regretfully without any spandex, capes, or superbriefs. Still, it was a pretty exciting image, posted today on director James Gunn's Instagram. Along with the photo, Gunn explained that a table read of the film had just wrapped, and listed the character's names in the order their actors were arranged. Check out the post below:

Image credit: James Gunn, Instagram

While the civilian clothes are no doubt a disappointment for fans hoping for costume reveals, it's at least heartening to see that Lex Luthor actor Nicholas Hoult has gone fully bald for his portrayal of the corporate megalomaniac.

Whether Anthony Carrigan is dying his skin gray to portray Metamorpho is still unconfirmed.

For more about the characters pictured above and anyone that might be missing, you can check out Popverse's own Graeme McMillan writing about the Superman: Legacy cast. The movie (and its lovely cast) flies into theaters July 11, 2025.

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