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The Taylor Swift of this weekend's Puppy Bowl is... Superman & Krypto?!

Not all heroes wear capes, but these two certainly do.

Puppy Bowl XX Promotional image
Image credit: Animal Planet

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We all know that Taylor Swift wields phenomenal, almost legendary power, but even she isn’t a match for the might of The Man of Steel. As Swifties around the world prepare to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday, Superman and his canine companion Krypto will be taking part in a different competition. The Kryptonian duo is helping Animal Planet raise awareness for abandoned pets everywhere with the channel’s twentieth annual Puppy Bowl contest.

For those unaware, the Puppy Bowl is an annual alternative to football’s biggest game that has both lower stakes and far more adorable participants. It is basically an excuse to watch cute puppies play with each other for two hours, all while raising awareness for animals that have been abandoned in shelters across the country. All of the competition of the Super Bowl with a fraction of the lasting brain injuries.

With Swift poised to steal the limelight during the Super Bowl, the organizers of Puppy Bowl XX knew they had to find an even bigger name to save their event. Always one to support a good cause, Superman is lending his iconic likeness to some of Puppy Bowl’s merchandise this year. Fans can purchase hoodies and shirts featuring Superman and his faithful friend Krypto along with the message “Not all heroes wear capes.” Now that we think about it, this is a strange slogan for a shirt featuring two characters who are depicted wearing capes.

Superman Puppy Bowl shirt
Superman Puppy Bowl Hoodie
Image credit: WB Shop

These shirts can be purchased from the WB Shop, though it is important to note that the shirt isn’t raising funds for Best Friends Animal Society. Instead, it is aimed at raising awareness for its work. It also isn’t clear if Krypto is going to be allowed to take part in Puppy Bowl XX, though his powers might be contrary to the spirit of fair competition that Puppy Bowl is known for.

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