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System Universe, Dungeon Crawler Carl, Defiance of the Fall and more LitRPG hits coming to comics

The new hit trend of LitRPGs is coming to WEBTOON in a big way.

System Universe
Image credit: Aethon Books

Some of the biggest books in the world of LitRPG are coming to comics.

Defiance of the Fall
Image credit: Aethon Books

Defiance of The Fall, Dungeon Crawler Carl, System Universe, Mark of the Fool and 10 other hits from Aethon Books are being adapted into webcomics for the ultra-popular WEBTOON platform. This expands on an existing relationship the two companies have had last year with two other Aethon/WEBTOON adaptations: Zogarth's The Primal Hunter and FortySixtyFour's Re: Trailer Trash.

"We have been so excited to see our partnership with WEBTOON grow, and their support on all of these titles has been invaluable,” says Aethon Books' CEO Rhett Bruno in a statement. "We believe this slate of webcomics will bring a new level of attention to Western IPs in the space and can't wait for readers to get their hands on them.”

Comics studios Laurel Pursuit, Moonquill, Kisai Entertainment, and Cocoon Productions are among those WEBTOON has hired for these work-for-hire adaptations. Here is a full list of LitRPG prose novels being adapted:

Look for WEBTOON to announce when these serialized webtoon adaptations will begin later this year.

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