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Five shows to watch after Ted Lasso

Finished watching Ted Lasso and don't know what to watch next? We've got you covered.

Still image from Ted Lasso
Image credit: Apple TV

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So you've finished watching Ted Lasso and you don't know what to watch next. We've all been there. Though it's very clear that Apple TV+'s Ted Lasso was a special show and that there isn't anything out there quite like it, we do have some recommendations on shows you might want to give a try to fill that 'Believe' sign shaped hole in your heart.

(At least, until that spinoff is announced, right?)

So without any further ado, here's five shows to watch after you finish watching Ted Lasso:

Friday Night Lights

Promotional image for Friday Night Lights
Image credit: Hulu

If you love Ted Lasso because you love sports drama, and seeing how people's lives and relationships are shaped by their work in said sport, Friday Night Lights is for you. Inspired by H.G. Bissinger's non-fiction book, Friday Night Lights follows a high school football team in West Texas. The show is incredibly well written and incredibly well acted, and if that small community aspect of Ted Lasso drew you in, Friday Night Lights has plenty of that too.


Promotional image for Letterkenny
Image credit: Hulu

Now for the giggles. Letterkenny is a Canadian sitcom that feels so niche that it is almost a miracle it got made. The show follows antics of the citizens of a tiny town (the fictional Letterkenny) in rural Ontario and reaches levels of comedy patter that haven't been seen in sitcoms in decades. The show is lighthearted, fun, and respects puns and wordplay just as much as Ted Lasso does.

Derry Girls

Promotional image for Derry Girls
Image credit: Channel 4

Derry Girls may not be an obvious choice to follow up Ted Lasso, but if you want sharp comedic writing, you'll be pressed to find a better show. The series follows a group of teenagers in 1990s Derry, Northern Ireland as they navigate being teenagers during the final years of the Troubles. The show is fast paced, brilliantly acted, and absolutely hilarious. If you're looking for a comedy to watch, look no further.

Welcome to Wrexham

Promotional image for Welcome to Wrexham
Image credit: FX

If Ted Lasso got you hooked on UK football culture, FX's Welcome to Wrexham will give you loads of that. The documentary series follows Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney as they try to revive Wrexham A.F.C., the Welsh football club they've purchased. The series is full of the twists and turns of sports that everyone loves, with the added benefit of it all being real.


Promotional image for Superstore
Image credit: NBC

If what brought you to Ted Lasso was a love of quirky characters set against impossible odds, you've got to watch Superstore. Superstore follows the employees of a Walmart-esque superstore as they navigate the frustrations of their work, ridiculous customers, and discover the joys of found family. If you're looking for a good ensemble comedy, Superstore is definitely a good bet.

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