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Teen Titans Go! season 9 release: The next set of wacky adventures from everyone's favorite teen heroes is on its way, but no one knows when

Over 400 episodes and still going strong.

Teen Titans Go! Season 8 screenshot
Image credit: Cartoon Network

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Teen Titans Go! has become one of the constants on TV for the past decade. Ignoring a couple of breaks between episodes, the show has been constantly on the air for well over a decade now, showing us the silly side of superheroes along the way. The show’s 400th episode is set to air in April 2024 as part of season eight, but what about the future of the Titans? When is Teen Titans Go! season nine set to air?

The fact that the show reached 400 episodes in just 11 years is because it has the kind of release schedule that we normally only see from One Piece – nearly every week, there is another Teen Titans Go! episode on Cartoon Network. Each season so far has consisted of 52 episodes, running for more than a year at a time.

So when will season eight end and season nine begin? We don’t know that just yet. If there aren’t any further breaks between episodes, season eight episode 52 should end on August 17, which would mean that Teen Titans Go! season nine would start sometime around August 24, 2024. However, that is a lot of speculation until a firm release date is announced by the network.

The good news is that we know that season nine of Teen Titans Go! has been confirmed and is on its way. Even if schedules change in the near future, we expect the new season will start in late summer 2024, though its exact release date is still up in the air.

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