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Take a small piece of The Big Lebowski home with this check handwritten by Jeff Bridges

We don't think it'll really tie the room together, but it's cool nonetheless.

The Big Lebowski - The Dude at Ralph's
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The Big Lebowski has to be one of the best movies ever that mostly runs on vibes plus an amazing cast. It simply feels good to spend time with The Dude, Walter, and all the other colorful characters. Want to take a piece of that unrepeatable magic home? This item isn't what you're expecting, but it was blessed by The Dude himself, Jeff Bridges.

Do you remember The Dude's quick trip to Ralph's early into the movie? Paying for a half-and-half by check set the hilarious tone immediately. Between takes, Mr. Bridges wrote several of them while shooting multiple takes of the scene, and you can take one of them home. Mind you, the one going to auction isn't seen in the closeup in the final cut of the film, but it was handwritten by The Dude himself.

Prop Store Auction says bidding will start and end on Tuesday, March 12, beginning at 9:00am PDT, much like William Wallace's claymore sword from Braveheart and Elf's rocking horse. It's also important to note that "other lots in the auction may close on Wednesday, March 13th or Thursday, March 14th."

The starting price isn't too high ($2,000), with the final estimate sitting between $4,000 and $8,000. It's just a checkbook, but it's a checkbook signed by Jeff Bridges and a really cool piece of Hollywood memorabilia for those with the spare money. Looking at some of the other items going up for this auction, this is a fine get.

The Big Lebowski hit it big from the get-go back in 1998 with its comic delights and absurdist tone, but it's following has only grown bigger over the years. At this point, we could even say The Dude is Jeff Bridges' most famous on-screen role ever, which is a lot considering that he played Kevin Flynn in the two Tron movies released so far and Rooster Cogburn in the Coens' 2010 True Grit adaptation.

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