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The Boys season 5 has been confirmed by Amazon before season 4 even makes its debut


The Boys Season 4
Image credit: Prime Video

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Amazon is bringing us even more of its most diabolical show. With The Boys season four just a few weeks away, they’ve given the series a superspeedy renewal, confirming that season five of The Boys is on its way. Because if there is one thing we can’t get enough of, its supes blowing each other up and beating each other down.

We’re still waiting impatiently to see what Butcher and The Boys get up to in season four, so it isn’t surprising that we don’t have much in the way of details about The Boys season five. Amazon simply released a quick teaser trailer with the announcement, dropped the proverbial mic, and walked away, expecting the internet to be set ablaze with excitement.

And it worked because we’re all quivering with excitement. The only way this could be more exciting is if they announced they were finally going to go ahead with that superhero porn site that the creators wanted to put together.

Even with the knowledge that The Boys season five is on its way, we’ve got a lot of questions that the fourth season needs to answer. Season three was fairly explicit in telling us that Butcher’s health was going to rapidly decline going forward, so could Karl Urban be set to depart at the end of this season? Could the fifth season see Hughie finally step up to lead the team without Butcher swooping in to save him? In a show where people’s heads can explode seemingly at random, it is tough to say who will survive to the end.

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