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The Conjuring movies are leaving Max (despite it being owned by Max's owners)

The Age of Streaming is looking more bleak every day.

The Conjuring 2 screenshot
Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Streaming sites were supposed to make it easier to watch the shows and movies that we love, but lately, it seems like companies are going out of their way to make it harder. The latest example is Max, which is set to remove the entire Conjuring series from its library on December 31 despite still owning the rights to each of the films.

This isn’t like Disney keeping something as embarrassing as The Star Wars Holiday Special off Disney+ – these films are solid entries in a beloved horror franchise that simply won’t be available to stream from the company that owns them. Netflix subscribers will get access to most of the DC films, so we have to ask how Max intends to keep people paying those monthly fees.

The movies in the shared Conjuring Universe that are leaving Max at the end of the year are:

With these films leaving Max, the company will no longer be streaming any of the Conjuring films. While this is notable because they will continue to own the rights to the series, these aren’t the only films leaving the streaming service this month. The classic Batman 1966 movie, in which Adam West delivers the iconic “Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb” line, will leave Max along with Blade Runner 2049 and Sin City when the new year rolls around. Most tragically, the streamer will also be dropping Paddington 2 from its servers on the same day, leaving us all a little more sad.

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