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Rebecca Yarros has revealed The Empyrean book 3 release date, title, and has even teased the plot

We're ready to ride the dragon one more time.

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Fans of Rebecca Yarros’ The Empyrean series of books have made the first two books part of a viral hit on TikTok – or BookTok as the literary wing of the social media site is often called – over the past year. The first two entries in the series, Fourth Wing and Iron Flame, have generated enough interest that the author is ready to announce the release of a third book in The Empyrean series, titled Onyx Storm, will come out in 2025.

The news broke after the author shared a video with Good Morning America where she said, “I’m excited to finally announce that the third book in The Empyrean series will be released January 21, 2025. I can’t tell you much yet, but I can tell you the title: Onyx Storm.”

She went on to add that, much like the first two books, “there will be politics, new adventures, old enemies, and, of course, dragons.”

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We don’t know much about where the third book in The Empyrean will go. Fourth Wing and Iron Flame followed Violet Sorrengail as she joined a group of people training to ride dragons. Which, to be fair, we’d do if we had the option. So the news that Onyx Storm will include dragons in the plot isn’t exactly news, but it does show that Yarros knows what people are after and is willing to give them more of it. She also dished plenty of details on the series at her Emerald City Comic Con in 2024 panel, including what her signet would be. She also told us how Taylor Swift helped shaped the second book.

Within hours of being announced, a pre-order page for The Empyrean book three, Onyx Storm, was live on Amazon, so you can be sure to get your copy as soon as it comes out on January 21, 2025. A TV series from Amazon is currently in the works.

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