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Ryan Gosling's The Fall Guy almost came out before Barbie, but the director appreciates the Kenergy that comes now afterwards

Sometimes what you think is a problem will become your best marketing device

Poster for The Fall Guy
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David Leitch's The Fall Guy is set to be one of the first big action movies of the summer, as it's slated to hit the theaters in May, but that's not all - the Ryan Gosling led movie is also is enjoying the added press buzz of being the first big Ryan Gosling movie following the release of blockbuster (and cultural) hit that was Greta Gerwig's Barbie. But it wasn't always going to be this way.

At the Collider's Directors on Directors panel at WonderCon 2024, The Fall Guy director David Leitch said as much when asked by panel moderator Steven Weintraub "How happy are you to have [The Fall Guy] as Gosling's first movie after Barbie?"

"So happy," Leitch replied. Then he continued with this fun fact, "Kelly McCormick, my producer and my wife, we make these movies together... we were fighting so hard to get The Fall Guy off the ground before Barbie, and the studio was really trying to pressure Ryan 'Can we squeeze all that in before Barbie?' We were trying to move deadlines. And then finally we just couldn't make production work where we can get it in done. Hindsight, it's like the best thing that ever happened... We're really fortunate to be where Ryan and Emily are having such a moment - a well-deserved moment... It's an incredible gift."

The Fall Guy will hit theaters May 9. Buy tickets on Fandango or Atom Tickets.

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