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The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special soundtrack is on its way

Featuring some holiday classics and two all-new songs by Old 97s, The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special soundtrack is out November 23

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special soundtrack
Image credit: Marvel Studios

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special won’t be with us until Friday, but Marvel Studios has an early holiday gift for fans nonetheless: the soundtrack to the special — featuring a collection of holiday classics alongside two all-new tracks recorded especially for the Disney+ show — is set to be released November 23, according to writer/director James Gunn.

Gunn, who’s currently juggling his duties as Guardians of the Galaxy writer/director (finishing up GOTG Vol. 3 as well as promoting this week’s Holiday Special) and serving as co-CEO of DC Studios, took to Twitter to share the good news, along with a promotional image for the soundtrack featuring Mantis and Drax looking a little worse for the holiday cheer. Alongside some genuine all-time yuletime greats — 'Just Like Christmas' by Low, and the underrated 'I Want An Alien for Christmas' by the Fountains of Wayne — the soundtrack boasts two new tracks by Old 97s, who also appear in the special: 'I Don’t Know What Christmas Is (But Christmastime Is Here)' and 'Here It Is Christmastime'… the latter of which also features Kevin Bacon, who also guest-stars in the Holiday Special. (Whether or not the two song titles are meant to sound like echoes of each other is something that we’ll find out when listening to the songs themselves, I suspect.)

Sure, we can quibble about some of the choices of music ('Christmas Wrapping' by the Waitresses feels a little played out by this point, doesn’t it? And I’m sad that Imperial Drag’s 'Please Leave Me Home for Christmas' didn’t make it on there, and thus avoids getting an official release even to this day), but it’s almost the holiday season. Let’s leave such grinch-y thoughts for the New Year, don’t you think?

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Soundtrack will be released tomorrow on streaming services. The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special will be streaming on Disney+ November 25.

If all of this gets you in the mood to watch a trailer for The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, good news: we have one for you right here.

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