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The McElroys are heading to Chicago's C2E2 2024

Get ready to get in the zone, the adventure zone that is, because the McElroys are heading to Chicago!

The McElroys
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The fam’s all here! C2E2 is welcoming Clint, Justin, Travis, and Griffin to Chicago's C2E2 in April 26-28 to meet fans in Photo Ops and Autographs, in addition to free panels! You read that right, the McElroy family is heading to the best convention in the Midwest.

Oh what's that? You're wondering if you can meet Clint, Justin, Travis, and Griffin? Well, photo ops go on sale on Wednesday February 28 at 12:00 PM CT, and Popverse Superfans get Guaranteed Access for 24 hours to purchase them! Autographs will be available for purchase onsite.

If you want to keep busy while you wait until April, we suggest you catch up on every The Adventure Zone podcast ever recorded. We know this sounds like a daunting task, so here's our guide to how to best appreciate the McElroy family.

About C2E2

Chicago's signature pop culture weekend returns with US's best artist alley, a roster of must-see TV and movie stars, and more.




McCormick Place, Chicago
United States

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