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The most popular new show on Netfix is based on a DC comic, but it's out of print (but not for long)

A timey-wimey crime show is wishing its timey-wimey comic it was based on was available now.

Kyle Soller as DI Hillinghead, 1941 Jacob Fortune-Lloyd as DS Whiteman, Bottom L-R 2023 Amaka Okafor as DS Hasan & 2053 Shira Haas as DS Maplewood
Image credit: Matt Towers (Netflix)
Image credit: Fiona Stephenson (DC)

One of the most popular shows on Netflix right now is the timey-wimey crime thriller Bodies. The striking story of four murders (and the four murder investigations) all connected across four periods in time across 163 years didn't come out of nowhere - it's based on a DC Comics.

Yes, DC Comics - whose parent company owns one of Netflix's primary rival streaming services, Max.

But that's not the surprising part today.

It's that the Bodies comic (on which, again, the hit Netflix show Bodies is based on) has been out-of-print and unavailable (even as a digital comic) all this time.

Bodies, which was created by writer Si Spencer and artists Dean Dean Ormston, Tula Lotay, Meghan Hetrick, and Phil Winslade, was publish, was published in 2014 by DC. While critically acclaimed at the time, the series didn't last on the shelves - with DC running the series for 8 issues, then collecting it in 2015 in a trade paperback.

Now, with Bodies now getting new attention with the Netflix show, DC is rushing out a reprint of that 2015 collection. Originally scheduled to come out later this year, the success of the Netflix show has led to the Bodies comic reprint being pushed into overdrive with it now expected on shelves (and on digital platforms) Tuesday, October 31.

This rush to a reprint in time for a surprise hit feels somehow apropos for a comic (and now show) about time.

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