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The Owl House NYCC Panel featured exclusive look at Season 3

New York Comic Con attendees got an exclusive look at The Owl House

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For some fans, the wait between the second and third season of The Owl House felt like an eternity. Disney seems to know just how much they crave the show… and are providing a sneak peek ahead of the series’s return. At NYCC, Dana Terrance and the Owl House voice cast led a panel featuring discussion about the show, a quick Q&A, and most excitingly, two clips from the first episode of the first season.

In case you don’t know, The Owl House follows the adventures of Luz Noceda, a teenager who accidentally finds herself transported to a mystical land called the Demon Realm. Surrounded by magic, Luz sets out to make herself a witch, but not before defeating some baddies along the way. In the thrilling first two seasons, Luz meets a cast of kooky characters, dethrones a powerful villain, maybe (?) sets up a bigger one, and, by the end of season two, manages to find herself back in the human realm.

In the first clip of the third season, Luz’s mother Camila is going about making her house a hotel, as the recently arrived heroes from the Demon Realm need a place to stay. Characters like Gus, Amity, and more go about exploring the human realm with predictably confused results, but hey, they’re trying their best.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Owl House "Thanks to Them" Exclusive NYCC Clip 1 | Disney Channel Animation

In the second clip, Hunter and Luz have a brief heart-to-heart over the fact that they’re both keeping secrets from the rest of the group, and that those secrets have something to do with the evil Emperor Belos. Meanwhile, Camila tries to understand the logic of the Demon Realm, with all its magics and various villains… and it’s difficult. Watch it here:

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Owl House "Thanks to Them" Exclusive NYCC Clip 2 | Disney Channel Animation

The Owl House Season Three, Episode One, “Thanks to Them,” debuts on Disney Channel on Saturday October 15. Until then, stay tuned to Popverse for more news about the series, and be sure to follow along with our NYCC coverage. We’ve got live streaming panels that you don’t want to miss!

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