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The Upshaws part 5 release date: When will season 3 part 2 of the modern family sitcom coming back to Netflix?

A great cast and sharp writing have made this one of the streamer's more memorable shows.

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When The Upshaws third season premiered on Netflix in late 2023, fans were left with only half the story. The second half of the season was still left to air but no actual release date was announced. The often-chaotic lives of the wider Upshaw family toe the line between dramatic and hilarious, with The Upshaws season three part two’s release date set to wrap up the current storylines.

The latest episodes of the popular Netflix sitcom were originally slated to debut sometime in 2024, but it wasn’t until later that we found out that The Upshaws season three part two would land on the streamer on April 18, 2024. This batch, which is sometimes referred to as part five of the show due to the staggered release schedule that Netflix has given it, will consist of six episodes that will be released all at the same time.

Worried this will be the end of The Upshaws on Netflix? You shouldn’t be – Netflix has already announced that a fourth season is in development. This season will be the shortest one yet, consisting of just ten episodes total. A release date for The Upshaws season four hasn’t been revealed yet.

The Upshaws follows a Black working-class family in Indianapolis that is trying to get ahead despite a lifetime of challenges. Mike Epps stars as Bennie Upshaw, the well-intentioned but often-erring head of the family, with Kim Fields playing his long-suffering wife. Wanda Sykes plays a supporting role as Bennie’s sardonic and cutting sister-in-law.

Season three part two of The Upshaws comes to Netflix on April 18, 2024.

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