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The top five Thor stories you need to read now

For those who want to start reading Thor comics, and don't know where to start

Cropped cover of Sutur Saga, featuring Loki, Odin, and Thor in fighting stances
Image credit: Marvel Comics

What better thing to do on Thursday/Thorsday/the premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder, than to talk about the best Thor comics?

Popverse video producer Ashley V. Robinson is grabbing Mjolnir by the handle and declaring the mightiest stories of the Asgardian thunder god (and goddess). Some old favorites are there, as well as some new ones - with creators such as Walter Simonson, Jason Aaron, and Russell Dauterman name-checked - sometimes even more than once.

So here you go - Popverse's top 5 Thor comics ahead of Thor: Love and Thunder.

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Chris Arrant

Chris Arrant: Chris Arrant is the Popverse's Editor-in-Chief. He has written about pop culture for USA Today, Life, Entertainment Weekly, Publisher's Weekly, Marvel, Newsarama, CBR, and more. He has acted as a judge for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, the Harvey Awards, and the Stan Lee Awards. (He/him)


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