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Riverdale High plays Truth or Dare with a horror twist in new Archie Comics special

From supernatural to psychological horror with Archie Comics' Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare #1
Image credit: Laura Braga (Archie Comics)

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Archie Comics isn't afraid to shake things up inside the often-nostalgic halls of Riverdale High, and in a new comic, the publisher is pushing Archie and the gang down the route of a psychological thriller.

Truth or Dare #1
Image credit: Suspiria Vilchez (Archie Comics)

Coming out July 17, Truth or Dare will have the Riverdale gang torn up from within as a new student (with old ties to Archie Comics lore) aims to dismantle the high school hierarchy of Riverdale.

"Truth or Dare is smart, sexy, and a beautiful homage to teen psychological thrillers, serving early 2000s vibes while being firmly modern and set in the present day," says Archie Comics' senior director of editorial Jamie L. Rotante. "Equal parts Girl, Interrupted and Cruel Intentions with a dash of Saw, >behavioral psychologist hobbyist Trula Twyst takes the lead, putting familiar Archie characters in dangerous situations and threatens to upend the Riverdale school hierarchy from within."

Truth or Dare is being written by frequent Archie scribe Ron Robbins, and drawn by Laura Braga. Ellie Wright is joining them as colorist, with Archie letterer Jack Morelli.

“I've always been a big fan of the horror genre and drawing a story like Truth or Dare is so fun and inspirational, it allows me to work on the expressiveness of the characters and the atmosphere," says Braga. "Ron’s script kept me hooked until the last page; I hope you all enjoy it!”

Truth or Dare stars a lesser-known Archie character from the '90s called Trula Twyst, and Robbins says this book gives her "the starring role she deserves."

"At its core, Truth or Dare is a horror story about a teenager not just desperate to fit in, but to be the queen bee," says the writer. "Trula has her fair share of trauma to back up that damaged mentality. It’s up to our gang to make sure that nobody gets hurt, and that Trula gets the help she needs, but just like in real life, things can take an unexpected turn."

Truth or Dare goes on sale July 17.

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