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Dexter watch order: Indulge your Dark Passenger with Dexter's journey from start to finish now that its streaming on Netflix

A prequel series about young Dexter is currently in production.

Dexter in season 1
Image credit: Showtime

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Making us all root for the bad guy is an art form and few shows managed it quite as well as Dexter. The show about a serial killer who kills other killers is dark, occasionally gruesome, and surprisingly funny. Now that all eight seasons of the show’s original run – without the 2021 revival – are on Netflix, it is a good time to dive back into the journey of everyone’s favorite homicidal blood spatter analyst.

Dexter in release order

Dexter in season 4
Image credit: Showtime

Despite a handful of flashbacks scattered through its 108-episode run, most of Dexter plays out in chronological order so the best way to watch it is from the very beginning. While a prequel series titled Dexter: Original Sin is currently in production, it doesn’t have a release date as of yet.

The best watch order for Dexter is:

Dexter in chronological order

Dexter: New Blood screenshot
Image credit: Showtime

With the impending release of Dexter: Original Sin, we’re set to find out more about Dexter’s relationship with his adoptive father, Harry. When it is eventually released, the chronological watch order for the Dexter series will change slightly.

  • Dexter: Original Sin (TBA)
  • Dexter (2006-2013) 8 Seasons
  • Dexter: New Blood (2021) 1 Season

Where to watch Dexter

Dexter and Debra Morgan
Image credit: Showtime

The good news is that the first eight seasons of Dexter are all on Netflix, making it easier than ever for fans to dive into the dark tale of Dexter Morgan and his journey to control his dark urges. However, if you want to complete the story and catch Dexter: New Blood, you’ll need to invest in a Paramount+ subscription.

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