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Either Emily in Paris is getting a fifth season, or someone in Europe just got scammed hard at a charity auction

Netflix hasn't officially renewed the show ahead of its fourth season premiere, but someone has paid real money to appear in the next season anyway

Emily in Paris
Image credit: Netflix

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When is an announcement not an announcement? When the streaming service responsible for the show is forced to walk back the news after someone has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to appear in the show at a charity auction. It’s almost like a plot from Netflix’s hit series Emily in Paris… which is ironic, considering that’s the show causing all the problems.

Just weeks after the official announcement of the fourth season's release date of Emily in Paris, a walk-on appearance in the fifth season was offered as part of a charity auction at the amfAR Gala at the Cannes Film Festival, with the winner paying €250,000 — that’s around $271,236 at the current exchange rate as of writing — for the privilege. The problem is… Netflix hasn’t actually renewed the series for a fifth season yet, according to insiders.

According to a photo of the item’s description from the event shared by Variety, “the winning bidder will have the opportunity to spend a day on set in Paris during filming sometime after April 2025.” That description has since been updated on the auction’s website to read, “the winning bidder will have the opportunity to spend a day on set in Paris during filming, contingent upon season 5 pickup.” (You’d think that might have changed the bidding, given that no season 5 pickup would mean no walk-on appearance…)

The offer of an appearance wasn’t the result of Netflix, it’s worth noting; Darren Star, who created the series and co-produces it under his Darren Star Productions banner (alongside MTV Entertainment Studios and Jax Media), was responsible. Notably, representatives for Star aren’t responding to requests for comment on the topic just yet.

None of this is to say that there won’t be a fifth season of the show, but we’ll likely have to wait until after the fourth season is complete before it gets announced one way or another. Netflix officially renewed the series for its third and fourth seasons simultaneously back in January 2022 following the release of its wildly popular second season; it’ll likely do something similar for the fifth season… if the show gets renewed at all.

Emily in Paris season 4 is getting released on Netflix in two parts; the first debuts August 15, with the second following a month later on September 12.

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