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The best Hazbin Hotel songs, according to the cast themselves

It wasn’t an easy decision, since there are so many great songs to choose from in Hazbin Hotel

Still image from Hazbin Hotel animated series
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Sometimes you have a song in your heart. Even if you’re in the depths of Hell. Hazbin Hotel is an animated musical dramedy that follows Charlie Morningstar as she tries to rehabilitate souls in the overcrowded underworld. There’s lots of twists, turns, and plenty of music. In fact, the music is one of the best parts of the show.

That’s why it’s so hard to pick a favorite song.

During a Hazbin Hotel spotlight panel at GalaxyCon Richmond 2024 the cast was asked about their favorite songs from the show. Here’s how they answered….

“It’s ‘Loser, Baby’ for me. It has to be! Anytime! That song itself is like a warm hug. Also, Keith fucking David! I need his voice in my headphones all the time. It very much puts me at ease with myself when i need it,” Blake Roman answered.

On cue, Amir Talai began singing a few lines from the song.

“I’ve got to go against the grain. My favorite is ‘It Starts With Sorry.’ Anyone else,” Krystina Alabado said. The audience gave an enthusiastic response, which made Alabado smile. “Thank you! It’s not just because I’m biased, but Sir Pentious is so cute in that song.” “His little weepy eyes,” Joel Perez added.

“I just like that you don’t even know what he’s going to sound like when he sings and sounds he exactly the same. That is painful to do. I don’t know how he does that,” Erika Henningsen chimed in to say.

Joel Perez also shared his choice. “The song when Emily and Charlie are singing, ‘when Hell is forever than heaven must be a lie..’….that shit slapped!”

“That scratches my 80s rock musical theater women belting in harmony itch….so good,” Emily Henningsen added.

“I like ‘More than Anything.’ It makes me tear up,” Kimiko Glenn said.

Hazbin Hotel is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Turn it on and sing-along!

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