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Twisted songs and intricate characters: What makes Hazbin Hotel one of the most popular shows on Amazon Prime

Who knew a trip to hell could be so catchy?

Hazbin Hotel Season 1 promotional image
Image credit: Amazon Studios

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One of the most enlightening things you can do at a convention is simply walk the show floor. Not only is it how you will buy all that sweet loot you find at the booths but, by paying attention to what cosplayers are wearing, you can get an idea of what the most popular films and shows are. And, if MCM London is anything to go by, Hazbin Hotel is still one of the most popular shows around, months after it debuted.

If you’re wondering why this strange show on Amazon Prime Video has made such an intense splash with fans, you’re not alone. The show felt destined for success before it even landed on the streaming platform and, despite its strange concept and gross-out humor, it has delivered. So, what makes Hazbin Hotel so popular with fans?

The obvious answer is that it is a genuinely funny, unique show with crisp animation and memorable characters. The cast seems to be having an absolute ball during every scene and the score's clever songs will earworm their way into your head from the very first episode. If you’re a fan of musical theater with a slightly twisted sense of humor, it is going to be exactly what you’re looking for.

Hazbin Hotel screenshot
Image credit: Amazon Studios

There is also the odd release schedule the show has had. The first episode debuted on YouTube in October 2019, funded largely by the Patreon supporters of Vivienne “VivziePop” Medrano. It would be almost five years before the full first season would be released, which normally would be the death knell of a project like this. However, the fans only became more invested in Hazbin Hotel’s success over time. They were so rabid for more that a spinoff series titled Helluva Boss was released, with its third season currently in production.

The long wait only seems to have fueled fan’s desire for more Hazbin Hotel while the intricate character designs proved to be a challenge that cosplayers couldn’t turn down. The citizens of Hell have everything that should make them nigh-impossible to recreate on the convention floor: Multiple eyes. Impressive wings. Hairstyles that would make Akira Toriyama think they should tone it down a bit. And yet we saw dozens of people dressed as Hazbin Hotel characters at MCM London and we’re guessing we’ll see the same at Florida SuperCon later this year.

We know that the second season of Hazbin Hotel has already been greenlit by Amazon, though no release date has been confirmed. That just means that you’ve got plenty of time to catch up and see what all the fuss is about if it has somehow passed you by. Chances are, you’ll find yourself unable to turn away, just like the rest of us.

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