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Rings of Power just lost one half of its romantic subplot, as Nazanin Boniadi is not returning for season 2

Boniadi, who plays the human Bronwyn in love with elf Arondir, made the announcement on her Instagram

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Prepare the Halls of Mandos - one of the cast members of The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power is sailing for the west. Nazanin Boniadi, who portrays the human Southlander Bronwyn, and who carries much of the romantic subplot for season 1, has announced that she will not return for season 2.

"I made the choice not to return for season two of 'Rings of Power,'" the actor posted to Instagram, clarifying that the decision did not have anything to do with her recent decision to spend more time on her work as a human rights activist. Still, it was a decision, it appears, that the character would approve of.

"Throughout my career," writes Boniadi, "the values I have held most dear are honesty, empathy and integrity. My character Bronwyn was committed to these same ideals in striving for a fairer world, which is why I connected so deeply with her."

Together with Ismael Cruz Cordova, who plays elven warrior Arondir, Boniadi brought a romantic subplot to the high-fantasy series, mimicking Tolkien's Arwen/Aragorn or Beren/Lúthien relationships between elves and humans. It is unclear whether this relationship will continue with another actor in Bronwyn's role, or if the character will be cut altogether.

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On the one hand, Rings of Power has already recast one of its season 1 roles for the second outing - that being Adar, an elf-turned-orc once played by Joseph Mawle, who was replaced by Sam Hazeldine. Admittedly, the character of Adar was featured much less in the first season than Bronwyn, but speaking to EW recently, Hazeldine teased more backstory for the character in the upcoming episoes.

If a character like Adar gets to continue on without his original actor, does that mean Amazon will be seeking out someone else to be the light of Arondir's eye? Romance is, after all, an important factor for so many fantasy fans - J.R.R. Tolkien being one of them.

The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power season 2 premiers on Amazon Prime Video August 29.

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