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Michael Sheen shares how he and David Tennant's tender bond was created with fatherhood

How did Michael Sheen and David Tennant become friends? They can thank their two baby girls.

Michael Sheen and David Tennant
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Making friends can be hard. What are you supposed to do, go up to another human and say, ‘Hello, I like you. Let’s do activities together?’

Even actors have a hard time making friends. When you’re memorizing scripts, waking up early for morning shoots, and dealing with directors and agents, who has time to socialize?

In fact, you could be in a movie with another actor, and barely get a chance to speak with him. So how do you make friends? The answer is tiny humans. Specifically, babies. Babies bring everyone together. Just ask Michael Sheen and David Tennant. During a spotlight panel at MCM London Comic Con 2022, the award-winning actor spoke about the friendship he shares with his Good Omens costar, and how their daughters brought them closer together.

“David and I were in a film called Bright Young Things together many years ago, but we didn’t get to act together in that,” Sheen recalled. “And we really didn’t know each other from that. We’ve known each other to say hello to over the years, but it wasn’t until we did Good Omens that we got to know each other. And of course, we spent a lot of time together on that. It was essentially me and David sitting in a tent all day a lot of the time. We sort of slowly got to know each other during that. Actually, it was probably during the publicity for that where we really got to know each other.”

And then along came fatherhood, which changed everything.

“And then because we both had babies within weeks of each other - me and Anna, and David and Georgia – we got very kind of bonded because of that. We say that David and Georgia’s Birdie and our little girl Lyra…we say that Lyra has only got one friend, and that’s Birdie. We got very close, and we got very lucky, because you don’t know what the chemistry is going to be like between you and another actor until you start working together.”

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