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DC's Supergirl flaunts My Adventures with Superman's anime influence in a Dragon Ball-inspired outfit

This show is the most anime that Superman has ever felt so it makes perfect sense.

My Adventures with Superman's Supergirl alongside Android 18 in the same outfit
Image credit: Warner Bros. Animation / Toei Animation

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We’re deep into the second season of My Adventures with Superman and fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this show’s version of Supergirl. In the preview of the fifth episode of the season, titled Most Eligible Superman, we get to see her in action and, in an outfit clearly inspired by Dragon Ball Z’s Android 18, she is wearing the show’s anime influence proudly on her sleeves.

The clip is only around 30 seconds long but it shows a young blonde woman about to throw down against a speeding truck before she is pulled out of the way by Superman’s pal, Jimmy Olson. It is her outfit that caught the attention of anime fans, though. A black vest, white shirt, and jeans might seem like an innocent enough combo, but she is a pearl necklace away from being the spitting image of Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z and we’re here for it.

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Sure, it is possible that this was a total coincidence, but we honestly don’t think so. Not only is the look too close to 18’s most iconic look, right down to the triangular badge on her left breast, but it is also totally in keeping with the overall feel of My Adventures with Superman. The show is unashamedly influenced by anime, with Dragon Ball being a favorite of the producers, so we would almost be disappointed if this little Easter Egg slipped by them undetected.

If it is intentional, then it could just be an homage to one of anime’s most powerful female characters, or it could be hinting at the relationship this version of Supergirl will have with the rest of the cast. It seems likely that she will follow the same character arc as Android 18 – starting as an antagonist that must be overcome before eventually becoming an ally to Superman. With Jimmy often playing the role of sidekick to Clark Kent the same way Krillin did to Goku, we might even get to see a romantic relationship develop between Supergirl and Jimmy further down the line.

Or it could just be a cool outfit. Both characters clearly rock a black vest, after all.

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