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Why Noah Schnapp ditching Will's bowl cut in Netflix's Stranger Things season 5 matters (to me)

If you had that haircut as a kid, you'd understand why getting rid of it is important

Will Byers bowlcut image
Image credit: Netflix

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I know we’re all incredibly excited to see what happens during Stranger Things season five, but at least Netflix has been kind enough to clear up at least one lingering plot point early. Fear not, denizens of the Upside Down, because it looks like Noah Schnapp’s time wearing that goofy bowl cut hairdo as Will has finally come to an end, thanks to some set photos released by the streamer.

Maybe it's just me who is excited to see Will finally get a haircut that doesn’t make him look like he still gets it styled by some crockery and his mother’s pair of scissors. That’s probably because I, too, suffered with a bowl cut for many years, so seeing his glow-up in a recent set photo shown on Netflix’s Stranger Things social media reminds me of a time when my parents were suddenly willing to shell out for a trip to the barber. Let me tell you, the boost to your confidence is real.

Just look at that hair. It has texture. It has volume. It doesn’t have a totally straight fringe. Although, we do kind of wonder who in Hawkins is still doing haircuts. The last time we saw the sleepy little town it was getting invaded by the Upside Down. Either the invasion was a lot less extreme than the Stranger Things season four finale made it look or someone is making sure that our favorite high school heroes look their best while saving the world.

We’re just glad Will doesn’t have to endure that goofy haircut for yet another season of Stranger Things. After being lost in the Upside Down, getting pseudo-possessed by the Mind Flayer, and secretly pining for his best friend, the kid deserves a decent hairdo as he faces down armageddon.

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