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Who are Our Flag Means Death's best kissers? Con O'Neill kisses & tells

How does each member of the Our Flag Means Death crew make out in the smooch rankings?

Our Flag Means Death
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Following the end of Our Flag Means Death we've had a lot of time on our hands, and that has led us to revisit the many, many OFMD cast panels we here at ReedPop have been fortunate enough to host (and film!) over the years. In that we have found numerous gems, including the cast at the NYCC 2023 panel we hosted having fun with each other, and what became a running barb of Con O'Neill talking about the best and worst kissers while on-set.

O'Neill did not hold back in sharing the most "fantastic" kissers among his fellow members of the Our Flag Means Death. Although the SAG-AFTRA strike of the time made it difficult for the charming friends (assembled a propros of nothing!) to directly discuss their time together on the open seas, O'Neill nonetheless alluded to all the romantic intrigue at the heart of the hit series.

While cast members Rhys Darby, Con O'Neill, Nathan Foad, Vico Ortiz, Kristian Nairn and Matthew Maher played a version of the Newlywed game live on stage for an audience of fans, O'Neill repeatedly returned to spilling tea about varying levels of smooching prowess. The first instance occured when the cast shared their picks for funniest of the crew, and after Rhys Darby celebrated Matthew Maher's "beautiful funniness that keeps you going throughout the day," O'Neill chimed in to share "also, he's a fantastic kisser."

Again, after Matthew Maher spoke to the value of Vico Ortiz's ability to keep their secrets, O'Neill added, "Also, a fantastic kisser." Nathan Foad reacted by joking, "You people are being pandered to; don't take the bait," but that didn't quell an audience enthusiastic for the ongoing kiss-and-tell. Foad again goaded O'Neill telling him he voted for him for best storyteller because "You've lived a lot of life." O'Neill paused a beat to let the audience laugh at his dismay before sharing, "And I'm a great f*****g kisser," to which Ortiz replied "Yes, you are."

The praise stopped there, though, as Foad once again couldn't stop himself from goading O'Neill, picking him for most likely to tell a bad joke. The good natured barb drew an "awful kisser" review from O'Neill, who went on to say Foad was "all tongue. And spit," much to the crowd's continued delight.

So, for those Our Flag Means Death fans keeping track at home, we have Matthew Maher, Vico Ortiz, and O'Neill himself winning votes for great kissers. And for his charming crimes of truthtelling, Nathan Foad is the only one who receives O'Neill's negative review.

You can watch the full Our FLag Means Death panel from NYCC 2023 here.

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