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Are new Star Wars twins Osha and Mae the Rey and Kylo Ren of The Acolyte?

"Always one but born as two"

Amandla Stenberg as Mae in The Acolyte
Image credit: Lucasfilm

The Acolyte is here, but we've already got the scoop on the next Star Wars movies, TV shows, and cartoons - including the highly-anticipated (and highly mysterious) Star Wars: Skeleton Crew. And in case you need a refresher on the High Republic, the possibility of Yoda showing up in The Acolyte, or even the entire Star Wars timeline, we've got those too. Amd tell us your favorite Star Wars show here!

The first two episodes of The Acolyte showed us the Star Wars universe at a time we’ve seldom gotten to explore: the High Republic. However, the first two episodes heavily hinted that the show might be exploring something introduced in The Rise of Skywalker. Like Rey and Kylo Ren, could Osha and Mae be a Force Dyad, two souls bound together in perfect balance between the Light and Dark Sides?

Fans were quick to pick up on some of the hints even in the first episode. The very existence of Osha’s twin sister suggests this, but there is something more in the way the series chooses to describe the pair. “Always one, but born as two” is how Mae explains their relationship to Osha when the pair communicate while Osha dreams. This certainly mirrors the language used by Kylo Ren in The Rise of Skywalker to explain a Force dyad – “Two that are one.”

Osha in The Acolyte
Image credit: Lucasfilm

Beyond just the language used to describe the twins, the connection between Osha and Mae suggests that they have similar powers to Kylo and Rey, including their ability to communicate across lightyears of space through the Force. This goes beyond what we see trained Jedi like Luke and Vader do – they were only able to communicate single words or feelings across distances. Rey was able to perceive and interact with Kylo’s surroundings, and vice versa, even when they were not even in the same system.

It is all speculation at the moment but there is enough evidence for us to think that Osha and Mae will be a Force dyad in The Acolyte, making it the second time that we’ve seen the phenomenon in a Star Wars movie or show. The implications could be massive for Star Wars lore, however. Force dyads are meant to be exceptionally rare but have also been long-sought after by the Sith for the incredible power they could wield. The fact that they are always diametrically opposed is a way to provide balance to the Force, but it also means that they are prone to conflict.

If Osha and Mae are a Force dyad, as the early episodes of the Acolyte suggest, then their conflict could be what brings about the fall of the High Republic era. If the Sith were responsible for creating this powerful connection between Osha and Mae, it could be why their family home was destroyed. If the Jedi, who have already been shown to lack the altruistic nature we’re used to seeing from them, were behind the attack on Brendok, it would certainly explain Mae’s vendetta against them.

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