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The Ted Lasso cast reveal the 'Hell Week' filming period during the first season

In hindsight, almost killing the cast seems a bad idea.

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If you’re a fan of Ted Lasso, which you absolutely should be, then you’ll be familiar with the good vibes and wholesome feel of the show. However, it wasn’t always the case for the cast, especially because they filmed every football – soccer to us in the US – scene in the first season during a single week that the cast colorfully referred to as Hell Week.

During the Ted Lasso cast panel at MCM Comic Con in London, the cast was asked their favorite episode to film. Toheeb Jimoh explained that they shot every football scene in one marathon week of filming, which resulted in injuries and sickness for many members of the cast. Shoots happened in the rain or until two in the morning.

Billy Harris, who plays Colin Hughes in all three seasons of Ted Lasso, had it worse than most. “My body wouldn’t let me go to sleep because I had mild hypothermia,” Billy told the crowd, which seemed a high price to pay for a show that hadn’t come out yet and no one knew would find its audience. Fortunately, it did find a strong fanbase and Billy’s sacrifice wasn’t in vain. It still feels like a huge risk for the first season of Ted Lasso. It seems like the schedule was slightly less hectic for future seasons of the show.

Fans might be disappointed that there won’t be any more seasons of Ted Lasso coming, but we imagine the cast are thankful not to have to go through another Hell Week again.

You can, however, watch the full Ted Lasso panel filmed at the recent MCM Comic Con in London here, free.

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