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What a little bit of fur tells us about The Armorer in Disney+'s The Mandalorian, according to her actress

Costume designers simply don't get enough credit for the amount of storytelling they can do with a touch of fur

The Armorer in The Mandalorian
Image credit: Lucasfilm

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One of the coolest aspects of Disney+'s The Mandalorian wasn’t the adorable relationship between Grogu and Din Djarin. No, our favorite part of the series was seeing all the cool variations on Mandalorian armor design. Each member of the tribe has a unique twist to their armor, and fittingly, The Armorer’s design is one of the most eye-catching of them all. According to her actress, that design tells us a little more about her character than you might think.

When a fan asked The Mandalorian cast at MCM London which character’s armor they liked the best, Emily Swallow immediately said, “I like mine the best. I mean, I get so excited every time I’m at a convention and I see either a tiny Armorer because come on, or any time I see a Mando wearing some sort of fur. I feel like, whether it is intentional or not, I take it as a nod to the Armorer.”

It isn’t just that fur makes a character look cool of course – it also tells us a bit about how good the Armorer is at her job. “Who else would work with fire all day and be bold enough to wear fur? Because she knows she’s good enough. She knows none of those sparks are gonna light her up. And I love that about her.”

It is amazing how small touches to a costume’s design can tell you something unexpected about a character. The Armorer, for all her seriousness and wisdom, has a surprising sense of boldness to her that only really gets communicated because the costume designer chose to put a bit of fur on her shoulders.

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