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The Penguin release date: The Batman spin off series is just around the corner on Max

Things aren't the way they used to be - and the Penguin wants to change that.

Colin Farrell as The Penguin
Image credit: Max

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Ever since it was announced, The Penguin has been one of the big comic book series that we’ve had our eyes on. It serves as a spin-off to The Batman, showing how Colin Farrell’s Penguin uses the power vacuum created at the end of that film to ascend to the heights of Gotham’s criminal underworld. After a long delay in production due to the 2023 Hollywood strikes, we still don’t know exactly when The Penguin’s release date is, but we know it's close.

Set just one week after the events of The Batman, The Penguin is expected to land on Max in September 2024, though a specific release date hasn’t been confirmed by the streamer. It sees Colin Farrell return as Oswald Cobblepot as he seeks to return the city to the way it used to be; not just to its pre-flooded state but to a place where people still respected and feared the crime families that ran the streets.

The series is expected to run for eight episodes and will give us not just insight into The Penguin himself but also how the criminal underworld of Gotham survives when The Batman could swoop in at any moment and beat their best men to a pulp. While we don’t expect Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader to make an appearance in the series, we expect him to be a looming presence in each episode.

The Penguin will debut on Max in September 2024, with a more exact release date expected to be announced over the summer months.

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