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Wanda Sykes & Kim Fields' hit show Upshaws on Netflix is ending - but they get one more season to go out on their own terms

Netflix's Upshaws is ending - but Kim Fields & Wanda Sykes have two seasons before they say 'goodbye'

The Upshaws
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If you're like me, you binge episodes of The Upshaws on Netflix either as soon as they drop, or on a stray weekend with nothing to do. Either way, I've got good news and bad news.

The good news? The Upshaws has been greenlit for two new seasons.

The bad news? The Upshaws is ending after those two seasons.

The Upshaws stars Kim Fields and Wanda Sykes, the latter of which co-created the show with Regina Hicks. Fields and Sykes play two sisters that are part of a working-class family in Indiana struggling to make life work - and dealing with things when it inevitably doesn't.

“A heartfelt thanks to Netflix for letting us send-off The Upshaws with this fifth and final season," says Sykes in a statement. "We are excited to give the show and the fans a proper farewell.”

The series, which debuted in 2021, has released three seasons to date, with the show breaking it up into parts. The Upshaws season 1 is part 1, while season 2 was in two parts (part 2 and 3), and season 3 was as well (Part 4 and 5).

The Upshaws season 4 (part 6) is currently filming for a planned early 2025 debut, and then a 12-episode season 5 (part 7) coming after.

“Truly grateful to Netflix for giving us this season to once again bring the warmth and funny that we’re known for (and with this fifth and final-some closure) to our Upshaws family," says Hicks in a statement.

The Upshaws also stars Mike Epps, Khali Spraggins, Journey Christine, Jermelle Simon, and Diamond Lyons.

Look for the Upshaws to return in early 2025.

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