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Get all the Twilight Saga books without sucking your wallet dry in the Black Friday Sale

Either edition will satisfy even the most die-hard Twilight fan in your life.

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Back in 2005, the first Twilight book hit our shelves and became one of the biggest publishing hits in recent memory. There are tens of millions of copies out there, but there is always room on every bookshelf for a great collector’s edition. We found not one but two Twilight Saga collector’s editions available at a great price in the Amazon Black Friday sale this year.

The Twilight Saga White Collection includes all four novels in the original book series, plus Midnight Sun, which retells the story of the first book from the point of view of brooding teen vampire Edward Cullen, and The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, which is a novella that follows a newborn vampire who first appeared in Eclipse. Each of these books comes with a new white cover to contrast against the original books. The White Collection is available at a 34% discount during the Amazon Black Friday sale, costing just $62.75 for a new copy.

However, if you absolutely have to have every bit of Twilight literature out there, you should probably consider picking up The Twilight Saga Complete Collection. This has everything included in the White Collection, plus Life & Death, which is a retelling of the original Twilight novel but with the two protagonists gender-swapped, making them Edythe and Beau. A new copy will cost you slightly more than the White Collection, even with the current 35% discount for the Black Friday sale, with a $73.66 price tag.

Pop culture may never recover from the huge impact The Twilight Saga had. It changed how movies and books were marketed to teens and even compelled publishers to rethink their cover designs, not to mention the endless debates between Team Edward and Team Jacob. Whichever edition you choose to pick up, it will be the perfect gift for Twi-hards in your life.

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