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Donny Cates returns to Venom after a year away

At a closed door VIP event at C2E2, Donny Cates hinted at a new unannounced Venom project

Cropped image of Venom sitting on a throne
Image credit: Marvel Comics

On Friday evening at C2E2 in Chicago, Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, and Ryan Ottley hosted a closed door VIP event where they talked about what makes a memorable monster.

During the panel, Donny Cates dropped a hint that "I'm working on a Venom project right now I can't say anything about."

Cates has been away from his fan favorite run on Venom for about a year (we last saw his version of Venom in 2021), as writers Al Ewing and Ram V took over writing on the series.

Cates did not reveal any more detail regarding the project, whether it will be another run on the main series or a standalone. While Cates' former collaborator on Venom artist Ryan Stegman was in the room, he didn't add anything to that aspect of the conversation either.

More than likely, we'll hear an announcement to confirm this upcoming Venom project in the coming days (maybe even later today at Marvel's Spider-Man panel). Either way, keep an eye on Popverse's coverage of C2E2 2022 from anywhere with Popverse's liveblogs, reports, interviews, and streaming panels.