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Vox Machina announces release date and season 3 renewal at New York Comic Con

The Vox Machina had plenty of great news for fans-- and even some singing!

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Get ready, Critters. It’s time to get double Vaxed and double Vexed. An encore demand for Scanlan’s Hand. For Pike, for Keyleth, for Percy, and a lot more Trinket. It is your time… if you would like to rage.

Thursday night at New York Comic Con for the Amazon animated series Vox Machina, fans of Critical Role, the smash hit table top role playing live stream show adapted into Amazon’s fantasy crude and rude animated series, got the news they’ve been waiting for. Vox Machina Season 2 premieres even sooner than you think: this January 2023. Not only that, there will be a Season 3 coming to Amazon as well!

But because this is Vox Machina, a release date drop wasn’t enough. The news only came to us after an original rap serenade from the horniest gnome bard in all of fiction recapping everything that happened in season one. That’s right: a brand new Scanlan song just to mark the occasion of Season 2’s announcement date. As soon as it makes its way online, we’re sure you’ll want to listen to it over and over. Who says October is too late for the song of the summer?

For those uninitiated with the original campaign, game master Matthew Mercer fills us in on what’s to come in the next animated adaptation of the Critical Role saga:

“Without spoiling anything… there’s dragons.”

Thanks, Matt.

Whatever the case, it’ll have to be enough to tide you over until the next chapter in the saga of our hapless heroes… which, again, is this January!

The attendees were then treated to an exclusive preview clip picking up right where Season 1 left off. And yes, there are dragons. Plural.

Like Season 1, Vox Machina’s second season will consist of 12 episodes. How are our goobers going to escape certain doom this time? Well, it’s not a story that can be told in one season… which is why they’ve announced that they’ve already been picked up for Season 3!

“I know we’re in Season 2,” Matt says. “But boy, it’s just the beginning.”

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