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The evolution of The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon, according to actor Norman Reedus himself

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon is back for season 2

The Walking Dead series has created an expansive universe, producing now six spin-off series. While some of the original cast crossed over into the other shows, we couldn't know for sure which beloved characters we would see again and which ones would continue their journeys. The cast was also unertain of what would become of their characters. Some, such as Norman Reedus who played Daryl Dixon in the original series, thought the character would be short lived, and didn't think he would last througout the series.

During an appearance at New York Comic Con, Norman Reedus recalls a hilarious moment in the early days of him being cast as Daryl, and discusses the evolution of the character throughout the franchise.

"I'm trying to take all the things as a character that I've learned from the other characters," Reedus explains. "I've learned from Rick, I've learned from Hershel. Daryl started off one way, right? And he's smarter, he's wiser."

You can watch the full video below:

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