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Watch Brandon Sanderson read an exclusive excerpt from Wind and Truth at C2E2

The author shared the opening sections for character Shallan Davar onstage at the Chicago event

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To say that Brandon Sanderson’s Wind and Truth — the fifth book in the Stormlight Archive series — is much-anticipated is an understatement; the follow-up to 2020’s Rhythm of War has had fans on the edge of their seats wondering what’s next for Dalinar Kholin and the other protagonists dealing with the reborn Odium after the end of the last book… so how could Sanderson build expectation for the new novel even more ahead of its December release?

Share an excerpt with fans at C2E2 2024, that’s how.

Yes, Sanderson took the time to read from the book months ahead of its release date — indeed, before the book is even completed. “I have, now, almost exactly one month remaining… one month and change… to turn in the final draft, which I worked on on the flight here, because it’s very tight,” Sanderson told the Chicago crowd, ahead of announcing that he’d read Shallan’s introduction from the book. “This is the beginning, so it’s going to involve some set-up that you’re not going to get payoff for until December,” he joked.

Watch Sanderson’s extended reading — almost 40 minutes! — above, and then if you want more, check out the complete Brandon Sanderson panel from C2E2 2024, powered by C4 Energy.

Wind and Truth is scheduled for a December 6 release, and is available for pre-order now.

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