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Learn about how to make your own library comic convention (with help from Chicago librarians!)

Librarians get together to talk about libraries' position in comics reading, Library cons, and more

Having Fun Isn't Hard When You've Got A Library Con
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Want free comics? Get a library card.

A group of librarians and pop culture experts spoke about libraries as the intersection of community and comics at Chicago's C2E2 2022 - and we filmed it! Watch and listen as Colleen Mele, Jenny Bean, Lauren Bbysud, Lorena Rodriguez, Matt Matkowski, and Melissa Apple speak about comics and libraries, and comic events at libraries from a panel titled 'Having Fun Isn't Hard When You've Got A Library Con.'

Popverse filmed this and many others panels at C2E2 20222 - paid Popverse members and C2E2 digital ticketholders received first access to watch these panels, and we are providing the C2E2 2022 panel 'Having Fun Isn't Hard When You've Got A Library Con' free now as a public resource - and as a preview of the kinds of panels you can watch if you become a paid Popverse member.

Watch the Having Fun Isn't Hard When You've Got A Library Con spotlight panel from C2E2 2022 now:

Missed out on C2E2? We've collating everything going on at C2E2 into a comprehensive C2E2 2022 coverage round-up.

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