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Archie & WEBTOON's Big Ethel Energy is back for a season two!

Ethel Muggs is back for a big romantic season of Big Ethel Energy.

Illustration of Ethel and Moose hugging
Image credit: Webtoon

Fan-favorite Riverdale webcomic Big Ethel Energy is back for a season 2. This second season will debut on February 21 and will feature Ethel Muggs letting go of the past and giving love a shot.

A collaboration between WEBTOON and Archie Comics, Big Ethel Energy made a big splash when it debuted on WEBTOON in 2021. The scrolling comic followed classic Archie character Ethel Muggs as she returned to Riverdale years after graduating from Riverdale High, bringing the Archie gang into the 21st century with fashion and flair. Big Ethel Energy has garnered more than 22 million views and even landed a print graphic novel in 2022.

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About the return of Big Ethel Energy, Archie Comics senior director of editorial Jamie L. Rotante said, “Archie Comics is so incredibly excited to return to Ethel’s world with season 2 of Big Ethel Energy and to continue our esteemed partnership with Webtoon... This has been the natural progression of long-term storytelling for Archie—focusing on heartwarming, romance-fueled stories that allow the characters the space and time to grow and change, suitable for a modern audience. Ethel is our fearless leader, and season 2 continues her journey, navigating the tricky waters of balancing a job that can be more political than she expected, a new relationship and the ups and downs that brings, and understanding the evolution of her friendships and her place in her hometown of Riverdale. Getting to read these scripts from Keryl has been a joy, and I’m constantly captivated by Siobhan’s gorgeous art.”

“It’s been incredible to introduce the iconic Ethel Muggs to a new generation of fans on WEBTOON,” said David Lee, VP of Content at WEBTOON. “Archie has been a fan-favorite for decades because its relatable characters can transform for new stories and formats. With Season 1 a resounding success, we’re excited to continue our work with Archie Comics to bring these beloved characters to WEBTOON’s global audience.”

Check out some never-before-seen art in the gallery below:

Big Ethel Energy will debut on WEBTOON on February 22, 2023. You can catch up on the comic on WEBTOON now or pick up a print edition of the first season.

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