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Comic adaptations of Float, The Primal Hunter, Paranoid Mage, and other webnovels coming to Webtoon

In 2023, Webtoon plans to expand their efforts in adapting popular web novels

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Following the successful webcomic adaptations of Rebecca Sullivan's Wattpad web novel Night Owls & Summer Skies and Michiel Werbrouck and Hadi Bendakji's Lord of Goblins, Webtoon has just announced that a new slate of web novel adaptations for the year of 2023.

Webtoon will be partnering with webnovel publishers Aethon Books and Moonquill (as well as Webtoon's Wattpad and YONDER platforms) to adapt popular romance, fantasy, and action web novels including Float by Kate Marchant (originally published on Wattpad) and A Practical Guide to Evil by Erratic Errata (originally published on Wordpress).

About the expansion of Webtoon's web novel adaptation efforts, David Lee, VP of content at WEBTOON says, “Web novels are one of the most exciting new categories in fiction, with new voices bypassing traditional publishing to share their stories and build global fandoms online. With richly-built worlds that take genre fiction in creative new directions, web fiction is uniquely positioned for web comic adaptations. We know WEBTOON readers and web fiction fans will fall in love with these stories in their new visual format as webcomics.”

The announced new slate of web novel adaptations for 2023 will include:

Publication dates for these upcoming Webtoon web novel adaptations will be announced at a later date. Keep an eye on Popverse for updates as they appear.

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