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What if... the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had their own Mount Rushmore?

Sculptor Chris Milnes recreates the iconic mountain with pop culture heroes from his own fandom

Turtles Mount Rushmore
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Fans might talk about their favorite characters or creators in terms of having personal Mount Rushmores, but one sculptor is making that an actual reality, producing miniature Rushmores featuring Luke Skywalker, Homer Simpson, and other nerd favorites.

The sculptures by Chris Milnes recreate the iconic stone sculpture of U.S. Presidents, replacing Washington, Jefferson et al with some more contemporary faces, including the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, cast of South Park, or beloved Jedi Knights from the original Star Wars trilogy. The statues are available for sale online, as well as at conventions throughout the US, including this weekend’s Emerald City Comic Con.

South Park Mount Rushmore
Image credit: Popverse

“I speak purely from my fandom only,” Milnes said when talking about how he chooses the subjects of the Mount Rushmore. “I make things that move me; I’m a giant Simpsons fan, I’m a giant Planet of the Apes fan, I’m an original Star Wars and Star Trek fan, so those are the things I make. Some people ask me, ‘could you make one that is Akira?’ or something that I can’t speak to, I don’t make those, because I can’t speak to the fandom. These are my passions, and my love, in plastic.”

“I’ve only gotten positive feedback; I usually get a chuckle or a laugh, and that’s exactly why I make them.”

Milnes’ work — including the multiple Mt. Rushmores, as well as light switches, keychains, pins, and much more — can be found on his own website, in addition to his multiple convention appearances across the year.

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