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Where do we know Josh Brolin from?

From No Country for Old Men to The Avengers: Endgame, here's where the Popverse team knows Josh Brolin from

Josh Brolin as Thanos
Image credit: Marvel Studios

Celebrities are celebrities because we know who they are, but how we know who they are varies from person to person. For some, for example, Leonardo DiCaprio will always be Jack from Titanic, but younger moviegoers might know him better as that dude from Inception with the top.

Where do we know That Dude from? is a new Popverse column that will be appearing weekly, as Team Popverse shares where they know the particular That Guy in each installment from.

Our topic this week: Josh Brolin (who also happens to be heading to C2E2 next month!)

Chris Arrant - Goonies

Josh Brolin in Goonies
Image credit: Warner Bros

Is Goonies the best movie Josh Brolin has ever done? Certainly not, but for me that role (and those stretchy bands) defined himself to me for decades. Even after No Country for Old Men, Goonies was it for me and him. It wasn’t until his turn as George W. Bush in Oliver Stone’s W. that I began to realize he’s more than just the jock (even if W. is far from his best effort). It wasn’t until Hail, Caesar! that I stopped mentally type-casting him as the jock from Goonies.

Tiffany Babb - Milk

Josh Brolin in Milk
Image credit: Universal

This feels like a very me answer, but the movie I know Josh Brolin from is the Gus Van Sant biopic of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man elected to public office in the US. The story is a tragic one, and Brolin's performance as murderer Dan White stands out.

Trent Cannon - Men in Black III

Josh Brolin in Men In Black III
Image credit: Sony

The first thing I remember seeing Josh Brolin in and thinking "That guy can act" was Men in Black III. It is a terrible, unnecessary sequel, but Brolin is so good as a young Tommy Lee Jones that I am not convinced they didn't just go back in time to get a young Tommy Lee to play the part. He captures the character perfectly.

Grant DeArmitt - No Country for Old Men

Josh Brolin in No Country for Old Men
Image credit: Miramax

Back in my day, this guy couldn't keep track of one money-stuffed briefcase, much less six rocks that give you plot powers.

Ashley V. Robinson - True Grit

Josh Brolin in True Grit
Image credit: Paramount

The first movie I ever saw Josh Brolin in was the 2010 True Grit remake. Obviously he’s exploded in the world of comic book movies since then, but he will always be a Western actor to me.

Veronica Valencia - Avengers: Infinity War

Josh Brolin as Thanos
Image credit: Marvel Studios

I always remember Josh Brolin as Thanos

Where do you know Josh Brolin from? Comment below and let us know!

Josh Brolin is coming to Chicago's C2E2 2024

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