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Where do we know Lucy Liu from?

From Charlie's Angels to Kill Bill, here's where the Popverse team knows Lucy Liu from

Lucy Liu as Joan Watson in Elementary
Image credit: CBS

Celebrities are celebrities because we know who they are, but how we know who they are varies from person to person. For some, for example, Leonardo DiCaprio will always be Jack from Titanic, but younger moviegoers might know him better as that dude from Inception with the top.

Where do we know That Dude from? is a new Popverse column that will be appearing weekly, as Team Popverse shares where they know the particular That Guy in each installment from.

Our topic this week: Lucy Liu

Chris Arrant - Kill Bill Volume 1

Movie still featuring Lucy Liu in Kill Bill
Image credit: Miramax

I first remember seeing Lucy Liu in Charlie’s Angels, but I feel I didn’t come to understand her until her role in Kill Bill Volume 1 (and the media surrounding it). She’s someone who I feel I’m continually seeing new depth in her work, including her relatively more recent roles in Elementary as well as in directing (among other things, a great episode oF Luke Cage).

Tiffany Babb - Charlie's Angels

Movie still featuring cast in Charlies Angels
Image credit: Sony

While I probably think of Lucy Liu the most now in her wonderfully warm turn as Watson in Elementary, for the longer chunk of my life, I thought of her as a Charlie's Angel. I loved those movies as a kid, and I really do wish that we could get more campy action made in 2024.

Veronica Valencia - Charlie's Angels

When I think of Lucy Liu, I immediately think of Charlie's Angels and just how cool she was in that movie.

Trent Cannon - Futurama

Still image featuring Lucy Liu character in Futurama
Image credit: 20th Century Fox television

Honestly, the first thing that comes to mind with Lucy Lui is her playing her own disembodied head in Futurama. It was such a silly episode but she was clearly having a lot of fun.

Grant DeArmitt - Futurama

Plenty of Futurama episodes feature celebrity cameos, but how many of them actually hinge on one?

Where do you know Lucy Liu from? Comment below and let us know!

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