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Who are the original Teen Titans?

"Which Titans is it?" asks Graeme McMillan

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James Gunn is bringing the Teen Titans to the silver screen with DC Studios... but which Teen Titans? With several distinctly different iterations of the team across the group's 60-year-history, the approach seems to be, why not add a new member every couple years or so? (To be fair, this does follow a proud tradition of Western comic book superhero teams.) Fun fact: what many fans refer to as the classic Teen Titans lineup isn't even the OG Teen Titans! What most DC fans who are only familiar with the Teen Titans from the small screen are imagining is actually officially known as The New Teen Titans. If this is the case for you, reader, have no fear!

Popverse's Ashley Victoria Robinson and Graeme McMillan jump back through the comic book history of the Teen Titans to uncover which team is actually the original Teen Titans team? You may be surprised how much brain power it takes between the two of them - both of whom claim to be Teen Titans fans - to sum up the entire original roster!

"You know the 'Teen Titans.' 'Titans.'" Graeme McMillan prompts, "Which Titans is it?" Which indeed?

Watch the short clip about the Teen Titans here:

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Want to see more? Watch our 23-minute discussion with Ashley V. Robinson and Graeme McMillan chatting James Gunn's Teen Titans here:

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